Meet Bob! Bob is a zombie and he is slowly dying. The only way to slow down his decay is to eat others. As it becomes harder with the time, he can purchase upgrades by the end of each day. But it will cost him his own life, so he need to be careful with that!

How many days can BOB survive?

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GameMaker Studio2 - @MalusSanguis

Aseprite - @Jin9310

GarageBand & Audacity - @Jin9310

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 44, Pixel Art, Zombies


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Have you played Zombie bob. have you taken insperation from that game?

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Haven't played, haven't heard of that either. We had few ideas in mind on the beginning of LudumDare, and zombie game won. Bob the Zombie was originally just a draft name, at the end we stick to that.