Please try to pay attention here for a moment as there is no tutorial in-game!

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You will need your left mouse button to pick and right mouse button free your hand.

How to:

Click to buy an item from the bar. Place the object on an island

Placed object generates coins per X seconds

If you click way too much on the object, you will destroy it eventually

Clicking on placed object generates additional coin. You can unlock many items. Erase already placed objects. You can also expand your island by buying a new tile

With each new tile, you will loose all that is on your island, and you will have to START WITH NOTHING again, so make sure to have some spare money!

Can you reach the Last Tile? Can you reach the Last Item from the list? SHARE SCREENSHOTS from your islands and show us who’s got the nicest Island out there!

This game is supposted to be relaxing, not challenging!

Art/music by Jin9310

Code by Sanguis

We use: Aseprite, GameMaker Studio 2, Bosca Ceoil

Thank you for Your time, playing our game!

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