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The world where the ropes are high and the drops are low. Only the best can find the right balance and the right pace. Choose your character and get on the rope. Enjoy the view.

My main focus was to  expand the coding knowledge and finish few art/animation ideas. Although it took me longer than originally expected, I am really satisfied with the final version of the game. The game is also bound with 2 consecutive giveaways, in which I want to include you, the players into the game designing process. The first giveaway is already DONE and have presented 3rd playable character: H0l0 The second giveaway will be announced on Tuesday 22nd October and the winner will be able to design NEW playable LEVEL.

For the GAME itself you will just need the 'SPACE' button and Numbers for in-game menu.

  • PixelArt - Aseprite
  • Code - GameMaker Studio 2
  • Sound - Bosca Ceoil

I would be very much pleased for any comment or feedback!

Thank you 

for spending Your time with my little project!

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Love the art style! Fun little experience. 

Thank you! Means a lot!